What happens to the videos that I make?

When you upload a video it gets stored on our web servers and is also converted to smaller web friendly format.

These videos are then shown to our client/s to help them understand how their customers choose and use their products or services. Our client/s may use or download your video/s internally within their company to help them relay the insights your observations provide.

If a client (or WMT) wants to use your video publicly, we will always expressly seek your permission before doing so - and you always have the right to refuse.

There's more information on how we can use the video content you supply in our Terms & Conditions.

I uploaded my Video but can't see it?!

As soon as your video is successfully uploaded you will see it under "Videos"


Even if there is an error with the video after you uploaded, you would see a blank frame but with the title of the video you uploaded underneath it.

If you don't see any (blank frame, no title) then it hasn't actually uploaded. It may have started uploading but then stopped midway, in which case our system won't record any of the information as it will have been corrupted by the stopping.

If you need help using the mobile apps please have a look here fro Android, and here for iPhone, OR submit a ticket.

I uploaded a Video via video.watchmethink.com

If you have a rather ginormously large video and are unable to get it up to the Watch Me Think site via the normal channels, then you may be asked to go to video.watchmethink.com and upload it there.

This is actually a separate (sub) site and a separate application that can handle particularly large video files.

So when you have finished your upload, you won't immediately see your video in your Watch Me Think video list until we have collected it and uploaded a smaller version to your account for you. This should happen within the next 24hrs (during a working week). If it takes a bit longer, please bear with us as a few people may have had to opt for this same solution as yourself.

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