Video won't upload?

When you are midway through uploading a video - or frustratingly near the end of the upload - our site will annoyingly say it has failed to upload.

If you can wait a few moments before justifiably throwing some plates against the wall, we know what is going on and hopefully have some helpful answers for you.

The problem is usually because...

Your video could be too big

See if you can see what size of file (MB or GB) your film is.

On average, we find that films up to 50MB should, usually, fingers crossed, go up.

We have even seen some folks upload videos up to 250MB. But that's rare. And bigger than that.... well... you'd be breaking some WMT records if it did eventually upload.

Your Connection could be too slow

Sometimes even if your video is not particularly large, you could have issues.

This will most likely be down to the speed of your connection to the internet itself - not your connection to the WiFi per se.

If you test your connection on a site like this and get a result where your upload speed is about 1Mbps... then yup... it's no wonder you've been pulling your hair out.

Solutions to help you get your video up

Try Dropbox

First, try sending your video to us via this Dropbox link:

It'll send an alert to your Thinker Manager and they can upload it for you.

Use WeTransfer

Another stupendous web application. Just go to WeTransfer, upload your video and send it your Project Manager or to

Use a video compression tool

Get your video onto your computer and then download and install this little gem of a program:

Once it is installed, you can choose to add your video and choose the Format > Video > MP4

Then hit the "Convert Now" button. It should reduce the size of your video file by as much as 75%.

Tell everyone else who is sharing your internet connection to hold off for a mo

Another way is to politely ask other users in your household to stop using the internet while you try and upload your video. The fewer users there are vying for the same bandwidth will leave more available to you to get your video up. You can always quickly do another speed test to see if their holding-off makes a difference or not.

Treat yourself to a Coffee!

If you have a laptop, or you are using your smartphone, treat yourself to a coffee at a cafe that has free WiFi. The cafe will probably have a faster industrial-strength connection which could seriously solve your issue.