Thursday 18th November - 4pm GMT / 10am CST

About the webinar

In the beginning was the Word. Now there's PowerPoint.

It's used for weddings, warfare and webinars, for literature, lessons and law. And, of course, to tell everyone that Q4 is going to be a lot more challenging than Q3. PowerPoint is probably the most successful piece of software in history - but do you know who invented it? Or why it's banned in American courtrooms? Or which Pulitzer Prize-winning novel has a chapter entirely in PowerPoint?

At its heart, PowerPoint is about presentation, theatre and culture. About how to think, create and persuade. And it's hated and loved in equal measure for reasons that tell us a lot about power and who gets to say what where.

All of life is somewhere in a PowerPoint slide. Join us for 40 minutes (20 mins presentation, 20 mins Q&A) to find out why.

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About Russell Davies

Russell Davies is a writer and strategist. He's spent twenty-five years working with organisations like Nike, Apple, Microsoft, Honda and LOCOG (London 2012) figuring out what happens when organisations and services meet the internet. He was Director of Strategy for the Government Digital Service for four years, Director of Digital Strategy at the Co-op and CEO of Doteveryone.

He's currently VP Marketing at Bulb.