iPhone & iPad: problems

Video upload seems stuck?

To make sure your video goes up without a hitch

  1. Turn off your lock-screen and, if you can,
  2. Put your phone to one side,
  3. Plug it in and
  4. Leave it with the Watch Me Think app showing on the screen.

It will then go up... More than likely :-)

(We are looking to fix this, but there seems to be some limitations in iOS7 on what we can do... but we'll find a solution.)

"Some error occurred" message while uploading

If you see a message pop up that says “some error occurred - please try again later”

It usually occurs while uploading a video. What you can do is

  • Dismiss it.
    (It may keep popping up, or even flashing at you. But just keep dismissing it.)
  • If you are not already in Recordings, go there and
  • Tap the edit and then the delete buttons (as explained immediately above) for the video that is currently uploading in the recordings queue.

You can then, if you wish, go and find and choose that video again - it will have been saved in your camera roll, even if you recorded it directly via the app. Then give it another go.

Should work fine the 2nd time around. Honest :-)

Still having issues?

You can try getting your video to us by uploading it through this page: