Filming tips

    Watch our Stacey above as she shows you how to make the best possibly videos. Go Stace!

    If you can't play the video, much of what she says is listed below:

    Make it real

    • Don't sit at your desk, with your webcam and talk to the keyboard - take your laptop to the kitchen, the garden shed, the place where you use and do the things you are taking the video about.

    Less Selfies - More Product

    • It's good to see you in your videos, especially your reactions. But the star of your video has to be the product or service you are filming. 


    • Try and keep your video to an average of 8 mins.


    • Film it in landscape (ie, hold your phone on its side)


    • Record interactions and discussions - they make for great viewing!

    Show us

    • This is video, so show us where you keep things, how you use them, how you open them - demonstrate everything!

    Make the camera a fly!

    • Try and film as if you are making that fly-on-the-wall documentary

    Compress if you can

    • Smush that video down in size! Check out our Topic on how to smush and crush that video down to a manageable size

    Be honest and tell us what you think

    • Give your own honest opinions, your likes and dislikes. Not what you think others will like.

    If filming in a store

    • Put on your headphones that you use to make phone calls. That way you can speak more quietly and film without attracting any unwanted attention.