Backing Out of doing a Brief

If you do decide to apply for this brief and are accepted, it means you commit to supply the videos you are saying you can do.

We pay good money for your excellent work because we only choose the exact people we need for each brief. 

We don’t fluff and we don’t puff out our briefs. Because then we can offer the maximum rewards.

This means we rely heavily on you, and if you later decide to pull out, then that puts up the proverbial creek without that proverbial paddle.

We love our Thinkers. 

We want to work with you for years to come and provide you with a small but significant stream of income which, while not allowing you to retire to a life of luxury, should mean you can treat yourself to a few luxurious treats now and again :-)

Of course there are always things that crop up which mean sometimes you can’t fulfill on what you have committed to do. 

But to be honest, Thinkers who let us down badly will quickly turn from Thinkers to Thoughts.

So with all that said and done: if you have good reasons why you can no longer do a Brief that you had previously agreed to do, contact your Thinker Manager as soon as you realize this. 

Earlier the better. 

They'll love you for it rather than break down in tears :-)