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At Watch Me Think's 'The Power Of: Finding Your Truth in Marketing' event in London, Joe O'Leary's presentation featured this clip. Joe is Special Projects Manager at fullfact.org.

Watch Me Think offers you

...a simple way to see and understand how real people in real situations experience products and brands - in more than 40 countries - so that you can act, inspire and deliver.

Build successful trade relationships

Bringing the truth of consumer & shopper actions into your meetings

Ideate & innovate

The burden of coming up with ideas doesn’t have to rest just on you. Get your customers to do it for you either deliberately or through accident

Product & pack improvements become less risk-prone

See where, how and why people use your products at each stage of development

Win more of your arguments

Introduce the consumer into the boardroom to emphasise the point that a million graphs are trying to make

Get your teams on the same page

Bring consumer segments to life for everyone in the organisation. Who needs 2D personas when you have the real thing right in front of you speaking back?

Innovate faster, with less effort

We do the hard work for you. We recruit, collect, compile and curate. As many times as you wish and at any point in your process. We help you get to market faster, with fewer oopsies on the way.